Are Jews allowed to actively participate in the German left? (German)

In a post in German, I recount my story of alienation and dissent in Israel, and my migration to Germany, where I am confronted with a left in which many consider unconditional and unquestioning support of Israel to be the central praxis of resisting antisemitism. I explain how this approach is itself functionally antisemitic, by excluding Jewish Leftist perspectives, which are and always have been critical of the (nationalist, essentially right-wing) Zionist movement. To the full post, in German >>

In a followup post, I respond to the question of whether the so-called “Zionist left” in Israel doesn’t resolve the contradiction between Leftism and Zionism — supposedly meaning some of the Jewish Left would not be excluded by these forces in the German Left. I explain that while there is indeed a left wing within Zionism, it has little in common with Leftism (Socialism in the broadest sense), and the parts of it which seek to actually unite Leftist and Zionist ideology are politically marginal today. To this followup post (in German) >>