My name is Michael Sappir, and this site is where you can find things I write.

Writing is a life-long passion of mine, and I feel fortunate to be able to pursue it in three languages — my native languages of English and Hebrew, as well as German, which I have been learning since I was a teen. The English version of this site shows not only things I wrote in English, but also summaries of potentially interesting things I wrote in Hebrew and German. To see only texts available in English in full, see Full Texts.

Texts published elsewhere can be found under Published. Those self-published right here are under Posts.

My main areas of interest include political economy, climate change, Jewish politics, (anti-)colonialism, and modern revolutionary movements. I also love science fiction, history, the free Internet, dogs.

Some of my work is made possible by my lovely community on Patreon, which supports me materially as well as contributing additional perspectives to my research and writing.

About me

I grew up in Jerusalem, Israel, in a bilingual English/Hebrew-speaking home. From there I moved to Leipzig, Germany, where I now live, after having spent a few years back in Israel (but in Tel Aviv).

As a teen I was involved in founding and promoting a democratic school, and I spent my early twenties promoting and organizing democratic education as a movement as a co-founder of EUDEC. You can read stuff I wrote around that time on my old blog (though I don’t necessarily agree with everything I wrote there anymore.)

I studied Linguistics as an undergraduate, and found it fascinating and rewarding, but I ultimately felt I needed to focus more on social and political issues. I moved back to Israel right after my BA and got involved with political work there, struggling together with other Leftists for peace, equality, and social justice, while continuously deepening my political education.

While in Israel I also worked in a website and software design company, where I learned a lot about the art and science of user experience design (UX), as well as about the dark art of online marketing and many other technical aspects of online publishing.